Opening Scripture, Opening Hearts

Imagine a space where each week a group of people gather to talk about sections of the Bible and learn about God’s way in the world.  Imagine that this weekly gathering of people and hearts happens in the middle of a city park under trees and skies and happens no matter what the weather is doing outside.  Imagine that this group has braved unbearable heat, wind, and even a tornado once, to be together and talk about God.  Hold onto that picture in your mind and heart, for it is the picture of Bible study at Church of the Common Ground.

For many years now a dedicated community of believers have huddled together and reflected on scripture.  We have shared ideas; we have challenged each other’s assumptions.  And, through it all, we have laughed, cried, pondered, consoled and encouraged each other on our respective journeys with God.  We open scripture to open our hearts every Wednesday in Woodruff Park.

Opening their hearts to make Bible study special have been our friends at Church of Our Saviour.  Their dedicated ministry provides sandwiches each week to help us study God’s Word.  And, when the weather proves to be more than the hardiest spirit can handle, our friends at Landmark Diner have sheltered us from the elements.  We are so grateful to them both!

Bible study is a special time of prayer and community for Church of the Common Ground.  All are welcome, so please join us any Wednesday at 2:30pm in Woodruff Park.