Celebration of New Ministry

Now in its twelfth year, Church of the Common Ground serves people on the streets of Atlanta, proclaiming the truth that we are all God's beloved, and attempting to affirm, as we've vowed to do, in our Baptismal Covenant, the dignity and worth of every human being.  

On Sunday, February 18th, we enjoyed a celebration of our new ministry together, as the people of Common Ground affirmed my call to serve as their Vicar.  Downtown, I am called 'Pastor Monica' and it is my privilege to bear witness to the pain and joys of people who endure violations to their dignity on a daily basis.  We are a community resisting those systemic violations as we strive for justice, praying together for redemption as we love mercy, and attempting daily to walk humbly with our God.

Join us!  All are welcome.

-'Pastor' Monica