Building a Sustainable Community

The common gift of God’s love—available to all and able to be shared by all—is a bedrock theme for the Common Ground community. We feel that love given to us and shared with us by so many, especially those who have committed their spirits, gifts, and financial support to the building of our community. This sharing of the common gift of God’s abiding love sustains us and makes it possible to live and breathe the Gospel on the streets of Atlanta.

Today we wish to acknowledge the many churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta who who have helped us financially in 2018 with monetary gifts to our operating budget: St. Luke’s, St. Anne’s, St. Clement’s, St. David’s, St. John’s, St. Peter’s, All Saints’, Holy Trinity, Holy Innocents, Holy Comforter, The Cathedral of St. Philip, and Christ Church. Thank you!

We are also grateful to Covenant Presbyterian Church. Thank you!

And, a thousand thank you shout outs to Central Presbyterian in downtown Atlanta. Each week, this wonderful church provides a haven in their courtyard for our Morning Prayer allowing us to share coffee, a hard-boiled egg, quiet prayer, and fellowship.

If your church would like to make a gift in 2018, please visit

You may also pledge for 2019 using the pledge card mailed to each parish in the diocese, or by emailing

The streets of Atlanta are filled with greater love because all of you have shared the common gift of God’s love.