Sacred Writing

During Lent, a few women from Church of the Common Ground explored how the psalmists created their sacred poetry and learned to write some sacred verse of their own. Using Ray McGinnis’ Writing the Sacred: A Psalm-inspired Path to Appreciating and Writing Sacred Poetry, they walked through exercises exploring the psalms of creation, thanksgiving, lament, confession, wisdom, vows, as well as psalms for holding a vision.

And, each week, they explored their own voices and their own sacred expression with God. They discovered along the way a new way of talking with God; they embraced new ways of hearing each other.

by Rhianna A.

Many people should praise God for life
All people should have understanding
God is life in all times.

by Jen M.

As the day begins the
sun’s rays beat against
these rocks, and the
wind blows the trees
in the wind. Flowers
blooms of sunshine. A
Beautiful African child
of God, wearing a single
summer flower in her black
golden curl hair.

Her eyes are stars of brown
that glisten like
morning dew, her heart is
strong as a mountain standing
tall against the sunny afternoon.

African Queen stand tall
to know our ancestors stood
the test of time, you
Beloved Child of God.