Beyond Sandwiches: A Symposium on Poverty, Race, and Homelessness

On Saturday, May 18th, Church of the Common Ground hosted a symposium called Beyond Sandwiches, which explored the issues of poverty, race, and homelessness. Church of the Common Ground parishioners were the speakers during the final hour.

“Pastor Monica gave me a piece of pizza so I wouldn’t go to jail. I didn’t go to jail that day.”

-Billy reflecting about the time he was asked to leave for the day from Common Ground

This is our church’s success. Billy may have gone to jail the next day. But not that Sunday. He trusted his pastor and Church of the Common Ground. That takes time and trust. Not pizza. (Pizza is just a tool). Church of the Common Ground endeavors to show love to people who need it.

When an audience member at the symposium asked, “What do you need on the streets?”, Johnny, a parishioner on Church of the Common Ground’s leadership team, responded:

"Show love to the people that need it or haven’t experienced it.”

Show love. Beyond Sandwiches. Love.