At Church of the Common Ground, we believe each person has unique gifts they bring to our church family, community and city. We invite women and men from other congregations to serve alongside our parishioners. We need volunteers for:

Foot Clinic

Wash and massage feet and listen to the stories of folks who come to refresh themselves at our weekly foot clinic, Common Soles.

Please contact the vicar at if you would like to volunteer for foot clinic.

Pastoral Caregivers

If you feel a call to be a witness to the lives of our brothers and sisters on the streets, you may feel comfortable joining our vicar and interns to offer pastoral care. The goal is to be a holding place for men and women on the streets, not to "fix," but to be with. We also need pastoral caregivers to visit parishioners in jails and prisons, or to accompany folks to hospital visits.

Please contact the vicar at if you would like to volunteer for pastoral care giving.

Sunday Visitors

Church of the Common Ground welcomes visiting churches, youth groups and organizations to join in worship with us. We ask visitors to participate fully in our worship service and provide lunches to share with parishioners during our fellowship hour after the service.

To find out more, please contact us at