Church of the Common Ground began with the inspiration and hard work of the Reverend Bob Book and Holly Book, who were inspired by their experience with Ecclesia Ministries at Common Cathedral in Boston. In 2006 on Christmas Eve, CCG held its first Holy Communion service in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta. We have worshiped in or near the park every Sunday since.

The Reverend Mary Wetzel came to Church of the Common Ground in January of 2010 as an assistant priest; she became vicar in 2011. The ministry deepened its connection and collaboration with Episcopal parishes and volunteers throughout the Diocese, from urban, suburban and rural communities alike.

These Episcopal sisters and brothers in Christ—and volunteers from other denominations—attend Church of the Common Ground worship, bring lunches and encouragement, provide pastoral care and assistance, and volunteer for the Church of the Common Ground Common Soles Clinic (this is a foot clinic for Church of the Common Ground members and others who spend long days and nights on their feet, their only means of transportation on the streets of Atlanta).

On Christmas Eve 2016, Church of the Common Ground celebrated its 10th anniversary of worship and community together.  The Reverend Mary Wetzel retired in November 2017, just as The Reverend Monica Mainwaring began ministering as Vicar, aiming to build on this foundation of fellowship and collaboration to ensure the sustainability of our church into the future.

In June of 2019, Monica was called to serve elsewhere, and so beginning in August of that year, Church of the Common Ground entered a season of transition.